the hug & Hoods

Just a little about the Hug.  Leather straps that hug your upper body, specifically, specifically the shoulders. It has snaps on the straps supporting the attachment of different hoods. How did I come up with this you ask?  The idea came from my having TONS of jackets without hoods, something that I never even thought about until I made the move to Pennsylvania.  Being a California girl, extreme cold and snow has never even been a thought of mine.  But but the first winter up north had me putting on more layers of clothing than I ever imagined!  My head and ears were freezing!  Not wanting to replace my hood-less jackets, I thought of a way I could still use them and just add a hood.  I came up with a stylish fix and after many prototypes the HUG was birthed!

Wear it with your jacket to add a hood, or just wear it with a over a shirt.  With the hood or without, I thought I was pretty cool and so did lots of other I made more!