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Hi Button Family! I hope you are off to a GREAT week! It seems like it has rained at my house for nearly four weeks now..and if not rain, definitely cloudy skies. For someone who‘s mood is directly tied to the sun, just know I’ve been having a rough time. But this week I changed my mindset and decided to remind myself that I can create my own little piece of sunshine. That’s why I wanted to feature this bag this week. A little bit of brightness on another rainy week!


This was a “SURPRISE” bag where the client wanted to be sure that it included yellow. I said to myself, “Let’s make the yellow pop!”


What’s a “SURPRISE” bag you ask? Well, I have quite a few clients that choose the style of bag they’d like and then just allow me the creative freedom to design from the heart without really knowing beforehand what they’ll get. I call those the “SURPRISE” bags. I’ve said this before, typically these bags directly tie into my mood at the time that I’m painting and I have a different connection to those bags. Like when I see a picture of something I’ve painted months…even years ago, I am taken back to where I was at that time. Almost like a trip down memory lane and it forces me to reflect on the growth, whether it be physically, mentally or even emotionally.




Painting these bags makes me feel so blessed to be able to have this type of therapy and especially while I’m working. Let me get deep with you for a moment and explain this. Even when I’m feeling low, when I paint I feel as though I am releasing that energy and literally transforming it into beautiful energy. An energy of positivity, and hope, inspiration, love, and joy…..all the things that make me happy, all of which I want to share.



So now I’m asking you….how do you create your joy?


If you would like to purchase this bag, click the image above.


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