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The hood is designed to be worn with The HUG.  ONE SIZE.  Features four tabs with snaps to secure it to The HUG.  Once you have invested in your HUG, you can purchase a variety of hoods to interchange and change things up!  This is an oversided style hood for maximum head coverage.  We are currently accepting custom fabric options.  Include a note with what color you would like and we will follow up with you to finalize your selection adn shop special for you!!  Additional STOCK fabric options coming soon!  The HUG is sold separately.



The HUG:  100% genuine leather straps that hug your upper body (shoulders featuring snaps that allow you to attach and interchange different hoods.  Wear the HUG all on its own as a stylish leather accessory or add function to a hood-less jacket.  Either way this fun and unique accossory is sure to add a little style to your look!


The HUG comes in different sizes for the perfect fit. It has an elastic back making it comfortable for movement. Selecting your size is simple! Because we don't have to worry about the bust/chest measurement, we have sized them according to your tshirt size.  Easy peasy!


Available in both womens and men.  (*The men's HUG has a slightly different to support a more masculine fit).


Womens: XS-XL

Mens:  M-2XL


*Please note: All bags are handmade. Please review the FAQ page for our current production schedule.

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