New Friendships

January 30, 2018

I am so fortunate that my little business has introduced me to so many people that I may not have otherwise had the chance to come accross.  I have always considered myself a private person and in return I have kept my circle EXTREMELY small and close.  But wow! I had no idea how making handbags would force me out of my confort zone and into being more of a social person.  I'm not saying I'm the life of the party or fact, I would rater be low key on the side lines people watching but things are changing and I'm not complaining!  Plus I know it's so neccessary for my business growth that I crawl out of my comfort cave.  

HANDBAG:  Terry Tote in Dark Brown/Cream Cowhide


OMG!  I have so many stories of how clients of The Grey Button have now become personal friends of mine and for that I am very thankful.  One story that is in the front of my mind is how I was able to make connections during Essence Festival a few years ago that I am still growing.  While we were there representing our business,  I wasn't even thinking that #1 I would be meeting people in New Orleans that live right up the street from me in Atlanta and #2 We would become actual friends!  Yay!!  It's really exciting since most of the people I seem to meet are also creatives and so we often instantly click.   I hope she doesn't kill me for shouting here out, but Tawanda is one of those beauties that I was fortunate to meet when we were in New Orleans.  Not only is she down to earth...she is super creative with styling her natural hair and even has a  YouTube channel with tutorials!!  And even though I know NOTHING about hair and usually don't even have the patience,  she has even inspired me to play around with my own hair and try some easy techniques.  Check out some of her work HERE!  What I think is SUPER amazing is she has also managed to get me a out of the house a few times and I know there will be more in the future.  Because I am a self proclaimed workaholic, when the weekends come I am usually so exhausted that I have absolutely NO DESIRE to do anything BUT rest.  No sooner than I publically proclaimed that this year is going to be different.....Tawanda invites me out.  Decisions!  Decisions!  LOL.  

 The first day we met in New Orleans at Essence Festival 2016

And this was just a couple of weeks ago!


So many stories like this that I don't want to bore you with them all.  Just know that I am so thankful that my craft introduces me to so many people and I get to develop all these new relationships.  Here are a hand few more of people that I have been fortunate to meet because I decided to step out on faith to make handbags.  The friendships I've gained are just the cherry on top! 

 Adrienne Nixon ~  Extremely talented fashion designer and friend!  CLICK HERE to check out her work and support her!


 Marlena ~ She does meal prepping...and OMG it's so good!  Check here out HERE!

 Anthony ~  SUPER talented photographer!  You want to check his work out HERE!

Every now and again it's good to just step back and reflect on your blessings.  This is one of those times!  



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