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Nadia Beck

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Yes, that's right......It's just me on the team! And I love hand crafting leather accessories and living out my dream of just being creative everyday!  I can't wait to make your next bag!


What is The Grey Button?  In most cases the grey (button) is a common reference to things that are lost, forgotten or discarded in a place no one wants to look. The Grey Button is about fashion, being hopeful, expressive, resilient, and valuable. It’s about finding buttons that are odd, random, special, or discarded and giving them a new purpose.  We bring them back to life by featuring a button on each item we make that is unique to that item.  It is our dream that The Grey Button appeal to a variety​ of people: 

: anyone that can relate to persevering through the odds and being an individual, knowing that confidence, drive, and style are all garments held together by buttons sometimes called weird,​ unique and differnt.