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Greyaway is our take on layaway and it allows you to purchase items from THE GREY BUTTON and spread your

payments out for up to six (6) months.


1.  All items including sales items are eligible for Greyaway.

2.   A minimum of $50.00  is due at the time of placing your Greyaway order.

3.  A total of five (5) items are allowed on the program at one time.  All items do not have to be added at the same time, however a single payment of at least $25 is required at the time of adding each new item(s)  to an existing open Greyaway order.

4.  A minimum of one payment per month of at least $50.00 must be paid to keep your account in good standing and to avoid cancellation of your Greyaway account.  A payment schedule will be provided to you once your Greyaway order is taken,  As a courtesy the ORDER TEAM will send out friendly reminders when your due date is approaching.   

5.  All items are handmade and therefore will not go into production until the entire balance is paid in full.  The production schedules vary.  Please visit the FAQ page to view the current production time frame.

6.  Changes to the item(s) selected are allowed up until 50% of the balance has been paid. 

7.  Any and all payments made on your Greyaway account are non refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS.

8.  Payments are due on or before the due date.  If unfortunate occurrences prevent the payment from being received by the due date, we will extend a three (3) day grace period for your convenience.  Payments not made by the determined due date and after the grace period are subject to the cancellation of your Greyaway order and all materials will be returned back into inventory.  We will attempt to resolve the matter before cancelling your items by notifying you via email or phone as provided at the time of your order.

9.  Greyaway items are non refundable as all items are special ordered by the client.

10.  Greyaway orders are shipped via USPS Ground.  Shipping charges are included in your Greyaway balance.

If you are interested the Greyaway program please CLICK HERE to fill out and submit the application.  You can also email your requests to  You will be contacted within 48 hours to discuss and finalize your order.  Once a payment schedule has be agreed upon you will receive an invoice for your first payment confirming your order.  If you have additional questions please email us at

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