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The BEST supporters deserve to be rewarded!

As a rewards member you'll earn Button Rewards everytime you shop online.

Getting started is easy

Earn Buttons and cash in your rewards in a few steps 



Birthday Reward! Receive a gift of 100 points on your birthday just for being a member.


Participate in early or extended access to certain promotions and offers.  As a rewards member, you will be the first to know of specials/deals.


Personalized coupons and special offers.  From time to time reward members may receive exclusive offers.

Double Button Reward Days.  Place your order on these special days and stack up your rewards 2x faster!



Earning Buttons


Earn 1 Button Reward per $1 spent when you purchase merchandise on

Earn 100 points on your birthday!  Clients must register for the rewards program at least 30 days in advance.  Unused birthday rewards expire in one year.

Redeeming Rewards


                      Points           Reward          Minimum Purchase

   50                        $5                                $15

100                      $10                               $50

  250                      $25                              $100

  500                      $50                              $250

 1000                    $100                             $500

*Rewards cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash.

**The Grey Button reserves the right to make changes to the number and type of benefits offered to members of the Button Rewards Program in its sole discretion at any time.  For addition information/questions please email


Create an account


Order and pay

To get started, log in or
sign up in the 
upper right corner
of your screen (or
bottom left 
on mobile

Use cash, credit/debit card

or save some time and

use your PayPal account.

You'll collect Buttons with

your purchase


Earn Buttons, Get Rewards

Cash In

For every dollar you spend, you'll earn

 a reward button.  Accumulate buttons

and save on future purchases.

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