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'Wine' down Wednesday!

Hi Button Family......and happy Hump Day! Just a couple of more days before the excited are you? Usually I reserve my glass of wine for Friday evening but every now and then, when the week feels particularly long, I enjoy a glass mid week. Just a little something to hold me over until my special day. And if you don't know me by now, I'm talking FAVORITE day of the week! On most Saturdays you can catch me in the bed ALL DAY only getting out to eat and use the restroom which is why I enjoy my glass Friday evening. And NO! I'm not ashamed because best believe every OTHER day of the week I'm a bonafide WORKAHOLIC so I deserve it! Well, in less than two weeks I will NOT be sleeping in on a Saturday. Instead I will be drinking bellinis at the Purple Corkscrew Wine Shop & Tasting Room during my first Atlanta Trunk Show! I sure hope if you are in the area that you grab a couple of your girlfriends and come hang out with us plus some shopping! I will be bringing lots of jewelry and of course handbags! Leather and fabric clutches, and the classics....the Leo, Marlena wallets, Mo~Crossbody and more! And if you have been looking for LOCAL wine shop to support, you have found it! Come taste some of the wines that Steffani is featuring. Shop THE GREY BUTTON now BEFORE the trunk show and save an extra 10% on your total purchase.....(hint hint, even if you're in a different state!) Use coupon code: ATLTRUNK






Can I just say that I am also VERY excited to learn more about wine?!! Funny how I put things out into the universe and somehow the exact person comes along to assist me! To be honest, I currently know pretty much NOTHING of wine......other than when asked, if depending on my mood: white = Chardonnay or red = Marlot. I don't know who told me that's what I should do but that's what I've been rolling with for a while now. So I plan on tasting several wines and taking LOTS of notes! PLUS there will be a BELLINI BAR where you will be able to create your own taste of SUMMER with lots of fresh add ins!

(( Image courtesy of Purple Corkscrew Wine Shop & Tasting Room from a previous event ))


r o s é j a i l


I believe the first time I was at Steffani"s Wine Shop she told me about someting called her "Rosé Jail". I hope I am getting this right because that is what keeps popping in my head. LOL! I know I've been hearing lots of buzz about all these different Rosé brands and to be honest I havent been pressed to try any. But the bottles are so pretty with that beautiful rosé color! Maybe I'll give 'em a try....


I'm looking forward to toasting with you at our first Atlanta Trunk & Wine Show!

Bags & Bellinis


Purple Corkscrew Wine Shop & Tasting Room

42 Avondale Road

Avondale Estates, GA 30002

(678) 515-8232


Saturday June 16, 2018

1 - 4 pm

We will have selected BAG and WINE pairings, exclusive giveaways as well as a door prize at the trunk show! Tickets are $20 which covers your first wine flight and also includes a gift from THE GREY BUTTON. Tickets are available here.


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All images in this blog post were captured by Anthony Wallen Photography


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