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Cara : LAVA

Hi Button Family!! I am soooo excited to share this bag with you! Every now and again I have clients that trust me enough to say, ”Surprise me!” and this just happens to be one of those times. This client often lets my imagination run free on her bags and I love her for it! So, when it comes to the “surprise” bags, I usually don’t have a game plan going in. The way I approach these projects is to turn on some music, catch the vibe and let that wave carry the paintbrush. That’s been working for me so far so I’m thinking I should keep that formula.

The day I painted this bag I was feeling bold and inspired about my goals. When I sat down there was only one rule....NO GREEN! I selected my paint colors and rode the wave. This is the direction it took me. I can’t say that I’m disappointed at all!!!!


Hand painted Cara Bag in the design of lava against the color black.


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