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Hi Button Family! I don’t know about you but it’s been a loooooong week! Production was super heavy with painting and so that meant LOTS of hours of sitting, being steady and focused. Although I absolutely get joy from painting, believe it or not, it can be exhausting. I found myself looking forward to sewing just to get a break from all the painting that was going on, and that’s rare!😆



There’s so many steps that go into bringing a bag to life and I’ve learned to enjoy the process. But I have to admit that my favorite step in this whole process is the challenge of digging deep into my closet to bring a look together that compliments the bag...because I never have an outfit planned ahead of time. I don’t know why but the hunt is so satisfying especially when there’s beautiful fabric involved. I guess it’s just another creative outlet for me.



Sometimes a print just catches my eye, and by sometimes I mean this time. I don’t know if it’s the orange color or the metallic gold details....and it could very well simply be the placement of the shapes. No matter which it is, I think it turned out beautifully, made in the Chaka deserved to be dressed up. So of top, but it’s really about the pants. Anytime I wear these pants there’s an instant fancy factor in play. I think it compliments the bag just perfect.



What I love about the colors in this bag is how easily they transition into different seasons. You can lighten it up in the summer, like I’ve done here by accenting with cream. And when the season changes, you can introduce deeper colors that resonates more with fall. How would you style this bag? What colors would you wear with it?




Chaka Clutch in fabric “Golden”

If you would like to purchase this bag, click the image above.


I often get asked about the jewelry that I’m wearing....I guess I sometimes forget to share details about the smaller accessories when the focus is on bags. I am wearing the Dangle earrings in cognac pictured below along with a couple of pairs that have been popular over the years. Click here if you’d like to see more jewelry.




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