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Moved in!

Hi Button Family!!!! I have so many things going on I don‘ t know where to start…lol. As you know, I moved my business from Georgia to Alabama, Huntsville to be exact. So many people have asked me whyyyyyyyyyyyyy???? It was something I prayed about for a long time so when my landlord advised me they were selling the property, I decided now was the time. Professionally, Huntsville is a city where I see LOTS of opportunity to not only grow my business but also build a community of fashion lovers. It is the perfect place to grow into the manufacturing side of the business as well. I am just really excited for my future. Personally, a lot of my family lives in Huntsville and many of my longtime friends. It’s nice to be able to see them more often.

I wanted to give you all a collective update as I’ve spoken to several of you already. With a move like this, there are bound to be hiccups in the process. I only had weeks to prepare for this move so I had A LOT to do to attempt an uninterrupted transition. Apparently that was wishful thinking on my part. Although I was able to pull just about everything on my end together, I’m still having to deal with delayed licenses, missing tools/materials/shipments, some power issues and lets just say a whole lot of stress of not wanting to disappoint my clients throughout this process. You all have been so supportive and extremely patient with me during this transition and I can’t thank you enough. I am a little behind in my production but I am working my little fingers off to get caught up…..your understanding means EVERYTHING to me….THANK YOU! I am finally able to start processing shipments again so please keep an eye out for your shipping notifications as I finish up orders from before my move.

I am finding my groove in my new space even with my hands being tied at times. There’s still with lots to do, but I am loving my new workspace! I have so much space to spread out my work AND have a team in here with me. And although it’s pretty bare in here right now, I am beyond excited to start filling it up with growth!!!! Here’s a little video of the space….eeeeek! Let me know what you think!

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