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Chickpea Burgers!

Some days I don't want meat, although I'm noticing those days are becoming more common. I usually make some sort of burger every week, any excuse to make my wholewheat buns...whether it's a classic beef burger, turkey or even lentils. But today I decided to go for something different and do a chickpea burger. I've used chickpeas before for burgers, but each time I do something a little different. It's not always on purpose, I just don't remember what I did the last time to replicate it. And that's okay because I like definitely like switching things up! When I got in the kitchen I had zero plans on what I was doing. I just opened the refridgerator and started pulling things out that I thought would eventually come together and it all worked together. Even though these patties weren't as hearty as my lentil burgers because they were a little thinner, they were still SUPER delicious! My son didn't even know they were "bean" burgers and LOVED it! I don't know why I feel like if you can fool kids then it's a WIN!

So here's what went into my chickpea burgers


-red, yellow, orange sweet peppers



-chipotle powder

-smoked paprika

-dried basil

-masala red tandori



-cooked brown rice

-oil to cook patties (I used olive oil)

These chickpea burgers taste really good with homemade wheat buns. Click Here for the recipe so you can whip up a fresh batch.....they are really good and in my opinion take the burgers to a whole new level! I dressed my burger with a sauce made of katchup, mayo, mustard and relish...and topped it with some fresh slices of sweet red pepper, banana peppers and a couple of fresh basil leaves. I also made a small side of baked herb potato wedges. Yummy!


If you decided to make this version of a veggie burger, I would love to hear how yours turns out! Don't forget to drop me a line.


Wanting some more ideas of some meatless meals? Check out this Lentils and Pasta with Wine Wine Garlic Sauce we recently shared and stay tuned for more! We will be adding several new vegetarian dishes!


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