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"Night Flower"

Hey family! I am getting back into the groove of things and pumping some new items out of the studio. I am so excited for fall......except for the cold part. But I love the colors and wearing layers while cozying up with warm hearty soups. This is probably the first year I have openly admitted to looking forward to fall since I dare not mention wanting cooler air at home. My family might get excited and want to turn on the air conditioner and freeze me out! Born in California I have just always enjoyed the sun and heat, but I guess the southern weather has found a way to change my mind. It very well be the humidity....I am SO over that! But I am thrilled to start working working with some darker colors, like this print I am calling "night flower". This will be the third style I have made using this fabric and the latest one is the Leo bag. An instant classic, this print can add character to an otherwise boring outfit. I had just enough of this "basket weave" leather to make one last bag with it. What does that mean??? This particular bag is a ONE OF A KIND! If you are the luckly person to snag this will be the only one with it! Click here to purchase this Leo bag and don't forget to check out the other two styles in this same beautiful fabric.


If you missed the new Cara bag....take a look! We have additional fabric options coming. Stay tuned!


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