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Tahini Cookies

Happy Friday Eve! Is it just me or does it seem like days are flying by? Now that I am organized I am getting a lot done, but I still can't believe how fast the day is over. Well, today has been busy as usual with working in the studio on orders, taking pictures, getting some sketching done and working on my side project. I think I deserved the much needed break as to reward myself for all the hard work I've been putting in....... and to satisfy my sweet tooth of course. And before anyone in our NO SUGAR group on FACEBOOK comes after me for having cookies while on our NO JUNK FOOD Challenge, these aren't "cookies". These are more like Tahini Oat bites. Yeah......that sounds good to me. My point is, these cookies have healthy ingredients so they aren't considered JUNK FOOD. I could easily eliminate the baking powder and have these same ingredients in a nice bowl of oatmeal. But sometimes cookies make me just feel better. I like to make small batches so I am not able to over induldge. So this recipe will yield appoximately 6-8 small cookies depending on how large you make them. Here's a tip: Make the cookies small so you're able to eat a WHOLE bunch. Right....twisted thinking, but it works for me!

Here is what you will need:

- 2 tbs tahini

-2 tbs honey

-2 tbs aquafaba (chick pea juice)

-1/4 tsp nutmeg

-1 tsp baking powder

-3/4 -1 cup oatmeal flour (ground oatmeal in blender or food processor until it becomes flour)

-sesame seads

*Bake at 350 degress for 12-14 minutes.

**It's optional to roll the cookies in sesame seeds, I just like how they look! If you were wondering what aquafaba is, well it is the juice in the can of chickpeas. You can drain it and save to use as a binder in baked goods as a replacement for eggs. It's the best! Also, I took old fashion rolled oats and put it in my NutriBullet to make an oat flour.

I was thinking of my best friend's daughter when I was making these cookies. She is allergic to nuts so she will never know the joy of peanut butter cookies...... my heart sincerely goes out to her. But these kind of remind me of a nut cookie except these are made with seeds.... so these are cookies our little baby girl can enjoy! You could also easily make these vegan by swapping the honey for agave nectar. If you've never had tahini before it may be a taste that might take getting used to, but I'm sure you will be enjoying these sooner than later. If you decide to give these a try, I would love to hear how yours turned out and what you think of them! Don't forget to leave a comment!!


Did you know that tommorrow is National Pizza Day? I know, just another gimmick day to make us buy more stuff. But I'm guilty.....I kind of get into some of them......especially the food themed days! So in honor of National Pizza Day and Throwback Thursday I will leave you with an oldie. That time I made pizza and of course my daughter was readily available to give them a try!


If you enjoyed these recipes.....check out some of my other dishes on our YouTube Channel!


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