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Reclaiming "ME" Time!

Hey everyone! I don't know why but it feels like I haven't been at work for a month! Can you tell that I hardly EVER take a break?? I am actually feeling a little bit of guilt for NOT working.....and by working I really mean sewing because everything else is still going on..... sales, social media, keeping paperwork in order and a whole host of other things, But even still, not sewing makes me feel like somehow I am being lazy. I know...I'm working on that. It's probably the reason why I haven't had a vacation in two years. I am a bonifide WORK-A-HOLIC!!!!

Well this worker is FINALLY taking a much needed break! And I am realizing that I MUST do more of this! After nearly 20 years of taking care of other people, I somehow developed the wonderful skill of completely neglecting myself. It's really bad.....I clearly forgot how to do anything for JUST me. Is anyone else struggling with this? There used to be a time when I could go out and get a manicure, buy an outfit then lunch for "one" and catch a movie without giving anyone else a second thought...... but now.. UGH! The GUILT! Well actually, the old me had the guilt.....the new me is about to be somewhat SELFISH! And best believe I got started with a birthday trip back home to CALIFORNIA and yes, I am having a BLAST! Spending time with family, catching up with old friends, making new connections and not to mention representing THE GREY BUTTON in these streets.....ALL DAY!

It turns out I made it just in time to catch the RAW Artists Showcase in Los Angeles and OMG....I can't wait to participate in the event here! I loved the venue and even better the diverse crowd! The music was really good too!! Here are a few pictures I actually remembered to take during the night. I was so caught up in all the artwork and chatting with people....I nearly missed the picture taking part.

Although I don't quite get looks like she's happy and for that I'd say, she's winning!

And then, this past weekend I had my first Trunk Show at Juice-C-Juice in Carson, Calif. and it was awesome! First of all, if you have never been to this little gem of a store, you are absolutely missing out! I love the atmosphere and everything she is doing for her community by offering healthy affordable food options. And you all know how I feel about fresh juices.....I could drink this stuff ALL DAY! There is literally no reason to ever buy store bought juices when you can take fresh fruits and veggies and make fresh liquid magic that your body will love and thank you for! Many of the people who follow me on social media already know I like to take a healthier approach to food so this was the perfect location to combine my two loves by setting up and showcasing THE GREY BUTTON handbags and accessories.

It's been about a week and I have been on the go and completely enjoying every minute! And guess what..?! I still have a whole EXTRA week to hang out! What this trip has taught me so far is that I MUST take these breaks for myself. It feels like new life has been pumped inside of me. I honestly am NOT looking forward to going back to the south. Everyone knows I am a California girl to the core and being here right now is making the move a priority!



On a business note....... I still have more product that I would LOVE not having to take back to Atlanta with me. So if you are in the SO CAL area and are interested in getting your hands on a bag on the spot...Let's connect! Email to make arrangements.


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