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I can't believe how fast this year has gone's December and we are already discussing our Christmas and New Years plans! Wow! And you know me right around this time of year....I'm goal planning for next year. I like to win and for some reason it feels like I'm getting a head start of everybody by not waiting until the New Years to start crushing my new goals. So I"m on it!! LOL!! I was looking over my last years lists and travel was at the TOP! I crushed that goal!!! This year I want to take even bigger trips with all new experiences! I feel like I have a lot of catching up on life to do!


I haven't seen enough...


It's no secret that I had my daughter pretty young especially when people jokingly assume I was 10 when I had her....LOL! . But at the young age of 19 I became responsible for an entire person besides myself! I took being a mother very seriously. I was determined to be a good mother to her and eventually my stepson, so I worked my butt off! Times where not always a walk in the park but looking at my kids always motivated me to work even harder. I spent my twenties and most of my thirties basically being a slave to someone else's dreams just to make ends meet until I took the leap of faith and decided to grind even harder for myself. But even still, with all the work that was going on, travelling wasn't even an option on the table. Well now the kids have graduated and onto the next chapter of their lives and so you know what that means......Momma is ready to TRAVEL!!! I'm definitely making up for lost time! LOL!!!


Being able to show my kids {not just "tell" them} what hard work and determination can do has been a rewarding experience! For them to watch the transformation take place with their own eyes, I believe, has been one of the BEST life lessons. And for my daughter especially, with each new obstical thrown her way, I have witnessed her maturity grow and it makes me so proud. The only way we lose is by giving up.......and quitting is not a lesson I've ever taught!


I want to see the world!


I always wanted a "traveling" job and now because of this beautiful dream of mine, THE GREY BUTTON, I'm able to do just that- TRAVEL.. What's even more fulfilling is that the company I now proudly represent while I'm out is my own! I'm beyond blessed! I'm introducing my brand to a whole new group of people with every trip I take. This year I want to reach even farther!


So when I told my kids, friends and basically anyone that would listen that 2018 was going to be a traveling year.....I'm proud to say I did EXACTLY that! With each new trip I gain a another level of happiness! Now it's time for the BIG GIRL trips! Let's start with these fashion cities please! Paris, New York, London, Milan to name a few! I'm channeling all of the energy around me to make sure that it happens...sooner than later. "I need to wrap myself up in my dream......... let me wear that!" Tha's me, raiding my daughter's closet for the theme jacket to my traveling future! Ha!


Chaka Chaka

The perfect travel companion is my soft black leather Chaka clutch. I just love this bag because it's so versitile! Sometimes I'm carrying it within another bag for easy access to my essentials but this day, it's the star all on it's own! You just can't go wrong with a basic leather foldover clutch.... and this is one that will never go out of style! It has easily become my best selling bag style!!


Laugh more

At the top of the list for 2019!



host a show!

If you would like me to come to your town and want to host a Trunk Show / Pop-Up Shop let me know! I am LOVING connecting with you FACE TO FACE!


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