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It has been a pretty busy summer for me!  I was looking back over pictures since the spring and I am AMAZED at how much I've managed to get done.


One of the things I am most proud of is the consistency of the blog.  In the past I just felt overwhelmed and so I would often procrastinate and eventually ended up with me skipping the blog altogether.  But NOT this summer.  I've been on it!!!


consistency is key


The past eleven weeks have gone really smoothly and thats mainly because of my talented photographer and friend.  We have been setting major goals and we're CRUSHING them!  The last major photo shoot we had we covered 11 different looks in ONE day....WOW!  Of course it was the longest day of my life but it was totally worth it once I saw all the pictures.  Now I know how those models feel being on set for thousands of hours.  It's exhausting standing in heals and smiling for all day! LOL.


Big Thanks



What's even more amazing is how we were able to get those eleven looks done in one location without it appearing as such.  My friends, Tawanda and David were gracious enough to lend us their BEAUTIFUL home to spend the entire day playing dress up and taking pictures.  Inside and out, I can never get enough of the beauty of their home.  Each look we prepared to shoot felt like we had changed to a new set location, and the crazy thing is there was still so many opportunities for other scenes. 


This was the final look of the day and appropriately just in time for the fall season.  It's a great transition look becase I can easily throw on a sweater for the cooler evenings but still be able to have my shoulder out so they can be kissed by the sun during the day.  And of course you can never go wrong with a pair of dark denims!  I paired the look with one of my favorite Leo bags in the "Moo" fabric.  It is a super soft material that mimics a cowhide but without the fuss of the hair.  PERFECT!!  What makes this particular Leo a must have is that it can be worn any time of year....because lets be honest, when is it ever wrong to wear black and white?  NEVER!  It's always in season and it matches literally EVERYTHING

No outfit is complete without a few accessories and these I'm pretty excited about.  I have on my trusty black tangled leather earrings that are about 3 years old but ALWAYS relevant and never disappoint. But the highlight for me is the chunky leather ring!  About the ring- a couple of years ago I found a really pretty patent leather with a unique print on it and I made only a small number of bags from it, as it wasn't a large piece.  Well, I was able to find a few left over pieces of that leather and so I made a couple of rings and bracelets.   Both were a huge hit while we were in New Orleans not to mention this classic small black ring!  There are still a few more pieces available so if you like them as much as I do, don't wait- once their gone....there GONE!


I know it's still warm in many places, but the weather will be cooling in no time!  That also means that the leaves will be changing colors too.  And that's what gets me super excited autumn.  This particular color palette is one of my favorites and my vendors are NOT disappointing!



Leo Bag : Moo (Fabric)

Tangled Leather Earrings: Black

Zipper Cuff: Black w/ gold detail

Small Leather "O" Ring: Black

Chunky Leather Ring: Not Camo


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host a show


Last year I was blessed to be able to travel with THE GREY BUTTON to several cities and share my work.  I enjoyed every bit of it!  This year I would love to revisit those same cities as well as some new ones.  If you would like to host a pop-up shop/bag party in MARYLAND or Southern CALIFORNIA, please let me know!  This is the year of expansion and I'm going to need your help!  Contact me here and let's talk!


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need a photographer?

All images in this blog post were captured by Ray Howard of

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