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Reintroduction of The HUG

Years back my family moved to PA so that I could step away from corporate America and follow my passion of making The Grey Button a reality. What I wasn't ready for was the extreme cold! Being from California, I didn't even realize that most of the jackets I owned didn't even have a hood on them. When it's freezing and the wind is blowing, a hood on your jacket is a neccessity! I was stuggling!!!!


my head and ears were freezing!


I wasn't about to let those jackets sit dormant, so after many long discussions of working the concept out, I sat down with a sketchpad. The idea was to find a way to make a hood that could be worn with my current jackets. I thought of just making a hood, but how would it stay on? If I could only attach it to something that would hold it in place that would be PERFECT! And that's how the concept of this accessory came about.

I wanted that something to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. It's basically contoured leather straps with an elastic back to allow for comfortable movement. I've added the snaps so that a hood could be easily attachan and stay secured. Then you can just throw your hood-less jacket over on top and no one would ever know!


What do we call it?


I can't take credit for the name. My partner said, " It looks like its hugging your upper body." And so it was affectionately named The HUG! Perfect!

While testing out the comfort and walking around with just the straps, I began to love the design even more. In my opinion, it was a stylish look even without the hood. I asked a couple of people in my circle for their feedback and they loved it too. At the time I only had minimal equipment and wasn't able to accomodate making them myself. So I took my prototypes to LA and had a manufacture create professional samples for me. I was sold!

The HUG was created at the beginning of my journey of THE GREY BUTTON so my resources were low. I sold a few of them but never really marketed them 100%. Maybe I was still shy with my designs, but more than anything I wanted to get to the point of being able to make them myself, rather than outsourcing the production. And so I sat on the concept for YEARS. Eight to be exact...only selling a couple here and there when someone somehow came across an old picutre or happened to bump into one of the handful of people who owned one.


Fast forward! A couple of weeks ago, someone asked me about this accessory. And that got me to thinking. Why don't I bring the HUG back out, now that I have all the equipment I need to make them in house? And here we are......relaunching The HUG! I posted a couple of pictures last week and have already received LOTS of orders for them! It's crazy that the HUG was developed over eight years ago and people are just as excited today.

Just like the handstained bags that I create, The HUG can also be customized with custom stained colors. There are endless options for the Hood as well. I am in the process of shopping for some really nice fabrics to make a bunch of different hoods for winter and in the summer we can even use some lighter weight fabrics. It's so fun! I also make the HUG for the fellas. Yes, you read that correctly. Shaped slightly differently to support a more masculine look, I FINALLY have something for the men! LOL!

Now, I understand that this isn't for everyone...but some people get it and for those that do, this is for YOU! I'd love to hear what The Button Family thinks of this unique accessory.





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