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Embarking on a creative journey often starts with a single step, and for me, that step was crafting my first handbag. The pride I felt in that moment was huge, yet I hesitated to share my creation with the world. I didn't know it then, but my hesitation would eventually lead to a valuable lessons in craftsmanship, self-worth, and the true value of artistry.

I finally worked up the courage to wear my handmade bag in public for the first time and ws so nervous, but fate had a surprise in store. A stranger stopped me, expressing admiration for my bag. When she showed her intrerest in purchasing one and asked for the price, I froze. I didn't sell a bag that day, but I did gain clarity on what direction I wanted to go in my design career.

I was a recent fashion (apparel) design graduate, but I transitioned into becoming a handbag designer. The debut of my fabric handbag received positive feedback, but the question of price would inevitably have to be addressed and the next time I was going to be ready! So, when the next person asked, "how much?" I had an answer. Before that person could respond, my father in law pulled me aside and gave me my first practical lesson on pricing my art. “If you don’t value your work, no one else will.”

I’ve always held on to that thought and being the overachiever that I am, never wanted anyone to QUESTION my price. So, I focused HEAVILY on sharpening my skills. I committed myself to the craftsmanship, focusing heavily on every detail, and infusing my heart and soul into each project. This dedication would shape my path for the next two decades.


Amidst the hustle, I realize I hadn't taken a moment to pause and reflect on my growth.

Once again, the universe has presented a lesson in pricing, and this time, it came from my manufacturers. Their words resonated: "Nadia, you are GROSSLY under pricing your work!" Acknowledging the truth, I understand that my creations deserve more!

I am making HUGE moves for the The Grey Button and with it means the price has to go up. It's not just a reflection of material costs; it's a recognition of the time, skill, and passion invested in every piece. My journey from that first handbag to this moment has been about more than just crafting accessories—it's about valuing the artistry within.

This journey has been a testament to the evolution of both my craft and my perception of its worth. Here's to embracing growth, acknowledging value, and crafting dreams that truly reflect the heart and soul within.


I want to thank all of you who have encouraged me to keep going! You have purchased my work at every level and continue to do so and it means EVERYTHING to me! I've been nervous about taking this step, but you all have rallied behind me, affirming the value of the products I'm creating. The phone calls, texts messages, DM's and emails I've received over the past couple of weeks have been mind blowing! People I've not seen or spoken to in nearly 15+ years, so many I had NO IDEA had been following my journey, have sent words of support!

I pray that you all will stay for the next chapter of The Grey Button's story!



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Lashawn Muse
Lashawn Muse
Dec 06, 2023

Trust and believe..I WILL PAY for your craftsmanship...your line is priceless and so personal! You will continue to have my unwavering support!!!😍

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