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I'm retiring these hands........

Before I get into it....Let me start at the beginnning!


Over two decades ago, my journey in bag making began and I officially formed The Grey Button in 2011. I launched with a simple pleated clutch, but the Corners bag almost immediately became my signature bag. The first Corners mock-up and the Bella clutch marked early milestones that filled me with huge pride.

The first Corners mock-up and the Bella clutch.


I became a student to my craft and over the years have been sharpening my skills. Initially starting with a single color, the Corners bag has taken on many looks. It's your desire for more colors, "oil stained" finishes, textures, and even fur that prompted a continuous evolution. Yet, the real magic happened with the many requests of custom painted designs. We really created beautiful art together! Here are just a handful...


It's not always easy to communicate how much work goes into handcrafting leather handbags, but sharing glimpses of my work online has provided insight into my process. The work days are long and physical, but the reward of holding that finished bag almost makes me forget the journey it took to get to the end, lol.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a video where I announced the BIG step I recently took to mark a turning point for my brand. If you missed it, here it is!

Now let's talk TRANSPARENCY- Knowing how much I put into each and every project, I've grappled with pricing my work for what I believed it to be worth. I'm almost positive that most entrepreneurs struggle in this area and I am not unique in any way. However, as I am on this journey of expanding my craft to a larger scale I was recently given a significant confidence BOOST! The astonishment from the manufacturing team that I'm working with after they learned I was producing handbags at this volume and quality solo, made me pause. In that moment I had a small thought—See..I am undervaluing my work. During a pivotal meeting a few weeks later with the team, the revelation stuck hard— I'm DEFINITELY valuing my work way TOO LOW!

This NEW CORNERS bag has an all around luxury upgrade, starting with the new premium Italian leather, the addition of the zipper closure and the attention detail, to name a few. And after introducing the UPGRADED CORNERS the response from clients, urging me to BE SURE I price my bags for their true value, was unexpected and heartening. Many of you have expressed a deep connection to my work, even declaring, “I want an ORIGINAL made by YOU!” Wow, the loyalty of supporters recognizing the value of my creations and craftsmanship, is both humbling and overwhelming.

The season is GROWTH, and with it comes both nostalgia and excitement. Nervously last week I announced that I will no longer personally make the original (no zipper) Corners bag. That will also mean that the option to have unique hand painted designs will also no longer be available. The deadline to place an order is December 31, 2023. This is the last chance to personalize this style. To get started today CLICK HERE!

I am so excited to relaunch my NEWLY UPGRADED SIGNATURE CORNERS BAG!! If you would like to notified FIRST of all the exciting updates, sign up HERE!


To those who have been with me from the start, witnessing the growth of The Grey Button, you hold a special place as the BUTTONS driving this brand forward. Your direct support and loyalty have been instrumental in the success of my business. Not everyone can claim to be part of building a brand from the ground up, but you all can... and TOGETHER, we aim to go BIG!


DON'T FORGET to check out the CYBER MONDAY SALE on my site, including the ORIGINAL CORNERS and more!


The BEST supporters deserve to be rewarded! Make sure you sign up for my new Button Rewards Program. For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn a button. Accumulate buttons and save on future purchases. Enjoy BONUS BUTTON days, get free BIRTHDAY BUTTONS, earn BUTTONS for sharing and more! CLICK HERE to sign up today!


One of the BEST and easiest way to keep up to date with all that I'm doing is on Instagram! Are you following? CLICK HERE to see what I've been up to!


I would love it if you would share THE GREY BUTTON with your friends and family! Thank you for all of your love and support!

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Lashawn Muse
Lashawn Muse
Nov 27, 2023

You are a treasure to me and the ladies in my life. Thank you for allowing us to witness the remarkable person that you are!

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