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Hello Button Family!!

I just wanted to pop in and thank you all so much for all of your support during my BIG transition! The past two months have been really crazy. I guess I really had NO idea the amount of work it would take to relocate my business and personal life. I just have a little bit more to go with wrapping up in GA, can’t wait to fully close that door. I’m so excited about all the things I will do in Huntsville. I plan on jumping right in……September is going to be LIT!!

You’re patience has meant everything to me!! A couple of weeks ago I got Covid and that also slowed me down so you know I was beating myself because for having to have delays. But I can honestly say that I have the BEST supporters EVER! I got so many “get well” messages from you all telling me not to worry for having to take some extra time on your orders. It’s hard not to stress out when you are the only one keeping the ship afloat. I never want to disappoint the people that support my craft, so I really thank you all for your understanding!!!