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It's getting HOT!

The weather is warming up and you get NO complaints from me at all. I think you all know by now that this is my favorite time of year because I HATE being cold. Sleeveless, shorts and sundresses are my jam. So, of course I love the heat!!!

Speaking of HEAT....two words: basketweave leather!! Some of you may remember the brown basketweave I had a couple of years ago. It was a BIG hit and I made almost every style bag on my line up in that leather until I ran out. For the longest people have been asking if I have more or if there are other options but I could never find more. That is until now! I made an announcement on social media a couple of weeks ago and everyone was super excited to place their orders! Well, the first round of basketweave has arrived and I love this leather even more this time around especially in all the different colors!

I started off with the Chaka and Big Marlena clutches and have just finished up a Terry Tote, but what I'm most looking forward to is the Cara bag in one of these new colors.....I just know it's going to be beautiful!

So, who wants to be the first to order one of the bigger styles in the new basketweave leather? Can you tell how excited I am?! You know what, this seems like a great time to make a special sale! For the next week only, if you order any of the following styles in the basketweave leather, you will save 20%.....Corners/Mini, Terry Tote, Leo, Cara, Weekender, Click here to contact me and get started......I can't wait to make you something special!


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