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Mood Changer

Hi Button Family! I’ve had a pretty hectic schedule…especially considering all the rain we are having. How does this weather affect me? I mean there’s the obvious…my mood (I’ve already told you how much I prefer sunny days…). But since I do a lot of staining and painting on leather, when it’s raining out and and the humidity is high my drying times are dramatically affected. It’s kind of hard to dry things in a wet environment! Although I try to consider these scenarios when setting my production schedule, the unusual number of weeks of rain we’ve had has me pressed for time. I am extremely thankful for my clients and their understanding!


Now, if you're feeling a bit grey with all this rain...this bag is the perfect mood changer. Sure to stand out on these kind of days, the vibrant colors in this bag makes me forget all about the grey skies and gloomy weather …it's definitely making a statement and it puts a big smile on my face.

This particular client wanted to add a personal touch to her bag, making sure no one is confused as to who it belongs to…and that’s what’s great about having a customized bag made just for you. I'm only here to model it, but make no mistake this one belongs to JEANEEN!


Why is this bag the perfect mood changer (and especially with all this rain)? Because it’s sure to stand out on gloomy days with the vibrant colors making it easy to forget all about the grey skies and dreary weather … plus it‘s definitely making a statement!


I think what I like most about this “stained glass” painted design is because of all the colors it can pretty much be worn with anything!


If you would like to purchase this bag, click the image above.


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