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The Wellness Spot

Let me just say I have the BEST clients ever! I feel very connected to every single one of you who has been a part of my journey. I’m even more fortunate to have a handful of people that have actually become more than just clients. Real friendship have formed and for that I’m am very blessed.



A couple of weeks ago one of my loyal clients, Allison, messaged me to say she would be in town from California and wanted to get together for lunch during her visit. Yessss…of course! With me not having a brick and mortar location and doing business solely online, I hardly get to connect with the people who support my craft in person. Before the pandemic I had started to do pop up shops/trunk shows as a way to be able to get some face to face interactions, but with this virus going around I pretty much have been quarantined in the studio. I’m so very thankful that you all keep me extremely busy but I can say that for the most part I have become a work machine with very minimal off days.



With all that I have to do daily, I have to be honest….self care isn’t always on the top of my list. Even though I know how important it is to take time off to recharge, admittedly it’s not something I even feel comfortable doing on a regular basis. I know….I need to get better! And so when Allison reached out a couple of days before her visit to suggest we do more than have lunch and invited me to have a spa day with her I gladly accepted her invitation. And I am soooooo happy I did. We had a nice and relaxing day of pampering, filling our bellies and enjoying each other’s company with some great conversation.



Allison is an A.K.A. and one of her sorors own’s The Wellness Spot in College Park, Georgia. It was our first visit and we enjoyed our massages so much that we both have vowed to return. From the decor, the atmosphere, our message services and the pleasurable staff, the entire experience was just beautiful! I honestly can’t wait to support this business again and again starting with a mother daughter spa day! I am absolutely recommending you to pamper yourself at The Wellness Spot!



I was also able to reveal Allison’s lastest bag to her on this trip…live and in person. She been loving the #BLM bags I’ve been making and so of course she had to get an A.K.A. version! It was no surprise that she was wearing pink and green this day, and she happned to be wearing her Mo-Crossbody bag….but her new #BLM bag went with her outfit perfectly! You know I had to snap a few pictures because when do I ever get to see my clients in person with their bags??!!?! This made my entire day!


Allison was even sporting her tangled leather earrings I made her a while back!



All in all this was one of the best days that I’ve had in a long time and I have Allison to thank for that…..I can’t wait for your next visit!




If you would like to have this bag made click the above image!

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