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Yay Fall + New Ostrich Leather!

I’m sure you all are tired of me talking about the weather. But for once in my life I found myself wishing fall would hurry up and arrive. This summer has been brutal. Heavy rains, really hot temperatures, and humidity that practically chokes me when stepping outside…I’m just saying…I’ve been anxiously waiting for the season to change. I would say this week has been some of the most perfect temperatures I’ve experienced in a minute.


Also this week I got my daughter to model for me to show some of the newest leathers we picked up. Oh, by the way….be prepared to see more of her because she has joined Team Grey!


We debuted the new ostrich printed leather on the Big Marlena and jewelry pieces in three colors during our Labor Day Live Sample Sale via Facebook & Instagram. The response was really great!…So much love for the new leathers and so many people have already put their orders in. But….I was so focused on the live event that I forgot to get on here to let those of you who are not on social media know about the new stuff too…..sooooo, I decided to extend the sale that I had on our LIVE through the weekend (expires Sunday 11:59pm) so that will have an opportunity at these deals too. Once the sale is over, the Sample Room will also be closing until further notice. See the flyer below for the SALE details!




We even managed to get in a couple of cuffs…with and without the zipper detail!



SALE DETAILS ARE BELOW! Use coupon LABOR10 to save the 10% off and LABORJEWELRY when you purchase two pieces of jewelry to get one free!



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