Casual with the Terry Tote

April 20, 2017


 Someone asked me the other day if I wear ONLY wear my own bags.....and the answer would be YES!  I like to be different,  The whole reason I started making bags was because I noticed that everyone's bag looked pretty much the same.  I remember the very first bag I made had really unique handles and an odd printed fabric that I liked but just knew no one else would.  I was so proud when I finished it so of course I had to break it in and wear it to work.  At the time I was working at a clothing store in an outdoor mall so I knew I could count on getting some contructive feedback.  I took my break and decided to leave and get coffee.  And that's when it happened!!  Someone stopped me said, "I love your purse, where did you get it?"  Proudly, I said that I had made it.  She replied with, "How much would you charge to make me one?"  And that's when I knew I had something!  People like to be different......there just weren't too many options out there of unique bags that don't fall into the category of crafty, or lets face it....doing TOO MUCH!  I've always wanted timeless shapes with qualities that set them apart from the rest.  The Terry Tote is no exception!  Since we've added it to the lineup we have received a lot of positive feedback.  Whether it's an everyday color, something bold or even hand-stained with a custom logo, the Terry Tote is proving to be the BEST!  Click here to purchase this light grey Terry Tote while supplies last!





 Don't forget!  You can get a free T-shirt like the one I'm wearing below or leather earrings by supporting us for the RAW Artists Showcase!  Click here for details!

And I just have to share the latest project we just finished up for a member of our Button Family!  You all always challenge us and I'm so glad we can deliver!  The Terry Tote custom stained with our clients logo!  What do you think?  Do you want something "different"?  Let us know what you're thinking, I'm sure we can come up with your very own masterpiece! Click here to Contact Us and get started or browse our Gallery for inspiration.



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