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Sharing my draping method!

Happy Fri-YAY! What a week!! I had to give my big sewing machines a break earlier this week because just like me, from time to time they want to poop out from all the work they are doing and so they need some TLC. That meant that I had some time to work on some non-sewing things like more jewelry. I also pulled out the small domestic sewing machine so I could get creative and sew up something for myself, which I hardly get to do. I know I've mentioned it before, but I actually went to design school to learn all about apparel. Accessory design wasn't part of the curriculum at all!! When I graduated I made myself a bag and wore it to work and someone stopped me that day asking where I got it. And that's where my accessory career began. I looked at it as a way to break into the industry by doing something different. I knew eventually I would design apparel but I shifted all my focus to teaching myself about leather..... and as you can see that's what I've been doing ever since! Well earlier this week, since the big machines were down, I said, "what the heck" I'm making myself a top! In school I learned how to create patterns from my designs and although I enjoyed it, I REALLY loved draping more on a mannequin because I could see my creations coming together immediately. The way I learned was to drape in an inexpensive fabric like muslin and then create my patterns from that drape. With the pattern I can move onto cutting the actual fabric. One day I decided I would try to skip most of the steps and challenged myself to just dive right in with draping the ACTUAL finish fabric and sewing it right up. I loved it! A lot quicker, and although a challenge I felt so proud of myself at the end, especially having saved so much time and money. Now that's the method I usually turn to when I want to make myself clothes.

I shared this video on Facebook and Instagram showing my process and people loved seeing how I do this. So many people have encouraged me to press forward.....and honestly sometimes I need those confirmations because it keeps me motivated to continue my journey. I didn't want to leave the rest of the Button Family out so I wanted to share with you all too! Do any of you all design or sew your own clothes? What method do you use? Have you tried this one?

I'm claiming it now.....One day THE GREY BUTTON will offer a full READY TO WEAR collection along with our accessories. Until then, I will keep up the creativity and pushing myself to make sure it happens!

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