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Pumpkin Week + New YOUTUBE Channel!

This week it's all about the PUMPKINS! The weather finally decided to turn into fall so of course I immediately want fall flavors on my tastebuds and warm cozziness on my body! When I think of October, I can't help but to instantly think of pumpkins, so this week, I'm drawing inspiration from none other than....THE PUMPKIN! I plan on making a trip to the pumpkin patch at some point but I haven't made it yet. But that's ok, I went to the second BEST place (in my opinion) the Your DEKALB Farmers Market, better known as my favorite place to go! They had so many pumpkins, not to mention at a GREAT price! It was hard to choose which one to I just went with the best "looking" one! I would have taken some pictures but the signs all over the place stating "NO PICTURES" had me too shook to take the chance. I would be devistated if they kicked me out! LOL!! If you are in the Atlanta area and have NOT been to this farmers market....I highly suggest making a trip!

They pretty much have EVERYTHING you can think of....and lots of things you probably haven't thought of before. So if you like to experiment with food, this is the place! Here is the pumpkin I selected. It was one of the smaller ones, but still big for me. This week I will be sharing LOTS of pumpkin inspired recipes as well as taking some inspiration from this beautifully colored vegetable!

The very first thing I did was use the pumpkin to inspire pieces of art....and I turned them into Marlena wallets! Watch how it all comes together below. From the painting process all the way through the production, take a peek behind the scenes to see how much LOVE goes into every accessory. What I love most is that these are both a 'one of a kind' and are the perfect colors to add to your fall wardrobe!! Purchase one of these two marlena wallets during "Pumpkin Week" OR any orange colored accessory and receive free shipping! Use coupon code: PUMPKIN

I love how both of these two wallets turned out.....lets see who snags them up!!

Looking for some ideas on customizing your "pumpkin" inspired bag? Here are some great options to get you inspired from some of my previous projects! As a woman, there is something really special in knowing that you are the ONLY ONE that has your bag!!!

Whether it's a solid orange bag or a custom painted design, I can't wait to make your next accessory!!! Email me to get started or CLICK HERE to shop!


If you LOVE fall colors, then you don't want to miss out on PUMPKIN WEEK!! We are celebrating the color ORANGE! Click here to send us a message to let us know what style you would like in the color orange and receive FREE SHIPPING. This includes, the Corners, Leo, Marlena wallet, Big Marlena clutch, Mo~Crossbody bag and the Terry Tote! Browse our shop or the Gallery to view all the different styles.


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Go behind the scenes with me to see how your bags are created! I am pulling back the curtain and giving an insider look into what all goes into bag making. After posting a a couple of projects in a few sewing groups on Facebook, the overwhelming feedback was......YOU SHOULD GET A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! If you have been following my cooking adventures, then you already knew I had a channel. I will be adding lots more in the coming weeks, sharing some of my projects as well as more food! In my world, each one inspires the I'm letting you in on the process!


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