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FREE $25!

I was going through some old emails and saw a common theme amongst questions I have received....and that is about Greyaway. I guess I assumed that putting a reminder at the bottom of the newsletter was my way of being sure to let you all know about our Greyaway program. But I'm not sure if I've ever explained exactly what it is. First let me give you some background. I would get lots of comments on Facebook and Instagram from people saying they love my work and think it's worth every penny, but they would have to save up before they can support with a purchase. I totally understood where they were were coming from. Don't think because I can make these beauties that I would just be out here spending hundreds of dollars at the drop of a dime on a handbag without FIRST saving up, I have to earn a living and then make sure my family is supported too, so I get it, So one night my husband and I were discussing some of our ideas we wanted to bring to the table for discussion and he suggested developing a program called "Greyaway". that works similar to a traditional Layaway program. So the idea is you can put a deposit down on the bag you want, locking in the current sale price for the item and then spread your payments out over six months. I loved the idea! An example where Greyaway works great is in a scenario where we make a bag out of a specialty leather where it may only allow for one bag to be cut from it. This means that bag would be a one of a kind. This is when Greyaway works in your favor. because although you may not be unable to fully purchase the one of a kind bag the same day it was posted it can still be yours! If you have more questions on what on earth I'm talking about, CLICK HERE to read over the program details in full.

Now that you know where this Greyaway thing came from....,,,,,I thought it would be a good idea to offer up a freebie for those who open a new Greyaway order! When you purchase $150 or more on your {new} Greyaway order, we will make a $25 payment towards your balance on your confirmed Greyaway. So that means you can start customizing your bag with each payment bringing you closer to the day when you're styling it in real life bringing your vision to reality. The FREE $25 payment applies to all balances over $150. It's becuase I LOVE you guys so much! Been eying the Corners? Leo? Terry Tote? Go for it! Pampler yoursel! LOL!!.Browse our collection of handbags. Don't see the perfect color yet on a bag and would lve to see more color samples? Reach out to us and explain what you would like and we can discuss making it happen! This promotion expires 1/29/18.


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