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UGLY Christmas Sweater Time!

Christmas is almost here!!! Are you ready? Well as ready as anyone can be, huh? I have to admit.....I love some of the traditions of the holiday season, like Christmas trees, family coming together, more good food (because Thanksgiving wasn't enough) and listening to Christmas music. But admittedly I can't stand the clutter from all the holiday shoppers on the highways as well as in the stores. For some reason people transform into MONSTERS during this shopping season. I've seen grown people fight other grown people over video games and parking spaces! What is marketed as the season of "giving" often times gets lost in the chaos.




My definition of a good time during the holiday is gathering with friends and family with tasty food and drinks, laughing and enjoying each other's company. That's EXACTLY what I will be doing this Saturday at my new favorite place with one of my new favorite friends, Steffini at the Purple Corkscrew Wine & Tasting Room! Because I'm a full time entreprenuer, I've been missing out on all the company holiday parties with coworkers, so when Steffini invited me to join her and her crew I was beyond excited!


$10 Wine Flights


If you have never been to the Purple Corkscrew you truly have been missing out! And if you don't know much about wine, this is the perfect place to go and discover your new favorite wine. This Saturday would be a particularly great time to visit because she is offering $10 wine flights when you wear your "ugly Christmas sweater. What is a wine flight you ask? At the Purple Corkscrew, it's a selection of three different wines each with a 2 oz. pour. I think this is a great experience becase you can discover something new or even compare subtle differences in each that you might have otherwise overlooked.....basically it's an affordable way to learn!!


Not only will I be hanging out but I've been invited to bring a small collection of accessories to set up and allow you last minute shoppers an opportunity to grab a few handmade gifts for your loved ones! So even if you don't have an ugly sweater to wear, and you are coming to support THE GREY BUTTON, you are still able to take advantage of the $10 flights with your accessory purchase plus a garanteed good time with GREAT company!

The Purple Corckscrew will be open from 12-9 on this Saturday, December 22nd. I hope to see you there! Now to run out and get me an UGLY Christmas Sweater!


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