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ENTREPRENEUR: Glam vs. Reality + SAMPLE ROOM goodies!

Let me jusst say, these are not complaints.....just the realities of being an entrepreneur.


The other day someone told me, "You're so lucky! You get to make beautiful bags all day and then model them." I remember thinking....Lucky? This is hard work- EVERYDAY..... I'm not sure about luck! But I know she was basically saying how blessed I am to be doing what I love everyday, and for that she was absolutely right. I have worked really hard to get to the point of being able to work with my hands bringing my visions to life everyday. I started thinking back to when I decided to step out on my own and become an entrepreneur and how I imagined my days going. Of course my goal was to one day spend my days traveling with my oversized bag, sketchbook in hand always in search for inspiration for my next collection, but I wasn't naive to think that a whole lot of work had to be done before I got to that point. But I don't know if I actually anticipated just how much work I would be doing. I honestly don't feel like I ever really get a day off. The closest I get to that are the days that I'm not sewing in the studio.


glam vs. reality


As I've been meeting people while on this journey I'm on, I've heard so many people talk about the glamourous aspects of being an entrepreneur when in actuality slavery is what's really going on. Are you an entrepreneur? Have you heard any of these before?


Glam: “You’re so lucky! You get to make cute stuff all day.”

Reality: The days you will be working on your passion will be some of the hardest days of your life. You won’t get sick days, although you probably really need them. There is no excuse you can tell yourself that will justify why you’re not getting certain things done in a timely fashion. Then there's the guilt when you do take a day off.


Glam: “At least you are the boss and don't have to answer to anyone!”

Reality: Yes, when things are going great….it’s YOU, the boss, that everyone wants to credit and that feels beautiful. But being the boss means that all the pressure is on you whether the business is a success or failure. So if anyone has a complaint, it’s YOU they want to speak to. You’re the one that needs to fix whatever’s wrong. Are you seeing where this is going? This is not a complaint…….this is reality. It's all on you!


Glam: In my case, “I bet you always have a bag to wear for every occasion….you can just make one if you don't!”

Reality: My priority is my business so I’m hardly looking to make myself something, rather than continue producing products for my loyal Button Family. Sometimes I have every intention making a little something special for myself, but that usually changes when I take pictures. Once I publish the picture, if someone wants theirs!!! I get sad sometimes when I look back at some of my favorite leathers and realize I had not made one thing with it for myself!

It’s weird….I’ve been told by clients that they love their accessories even better in person. And I guess for me it’s the reverse. I made it so I’m looking with a critical eye. But once I take the picture, I feel like I get to see it through my client’s eyes. Flipping through pictures remind me of what favorites I wish I had!


Glam: You make sales all the time so it's like payday everyday!

Reality: Yes, sometimes if feels like that.....but then those times creep up when sales aren't as fluent as other times and you're feeling ALL the pressure! Life costs and it doesn't stop because no one wanted to buy your product/service. One thing is for sure, being an entreprenuer almost guarantees you remain in a state of hunger. Even when times are good, all you can think about are the moments when it wasn't good and that makes you work even harder as to never have to go back there again!


Glam: It's your vision. You are in charge of the direction your business will grow.

Reality: This is true. But what about when you have no idea what you should be doing next? Just because you've decided to step out and do your own thing, doesn't mean you have all the answers to being a good business owner. You put TONS of man hours into this beautiful idea, and it could take weeks, months and even years before it materializes into actual income. But you have to keep clocking those hours.


These are just a few of things I remember people saying, I'm sure I could think of lots more. All in all, even with the realities, becoming an entrepreneur has been one of my BEST and most rewarding life decisions. For me, the sense of pride that comes from people supporting all that goes into creating them something special beats punching the clock for 8 hours and feeling unfulfilled in Corporate America any day!

Have you made the jump to start your own business? What are some glam vs. reality experiences you've had?


sample room


I can't believe the summer season is coming rounding out. The other day, I saw 'back to school' commercials and was shocked that time has flown as fast as it has! Thank goodness I don't have to worry about those grade school days anymore! I decided to put some of the bright printed bags on sale to make sure you get time to sport them because fall is on our heels


host a show

Last year I was blessed to be able to travel with THE GREY BUTTON to several cities and share my work. I enjoyed every bit of it! This year I would love to revisit those same cities as well as visit some new ones. If you would like to host a pop-up shop/bag party in MARYLAND or Southern CALIFORNIA, please let me know! This is the year of expansion and I'm going to need your help!

Contact me here and let's talk!


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